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Virtual Postcards From My Balcony

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In my weekly videoblog 'Virtual Postcarts From My Balcony' I explored the audiovisual possibilities of improvised and composed experimental music and it's visualisation.

Now the 12th and last edition is online.

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who enjoyed my video blog and supported me with all the positive feedback. Happy and exhausted ☺

# 12 - 20 Miniatures

And here you can also enjoy the previous editions...

# 11 - Public Transport Suite

# 10 - piano disorder _ realtime score for a struggling pianist

# 9 - 'Nocturne mit Gedichten aus Wald - und Wiesentagen von Astrid Nischkauer':

# 8 'Soundscaping Selfie With Toyflsjodler' :

This postcard starts with 'Toyflsjodler' from Italian composer Manuela Kerer and is followed by three audiovisual compositions of my own featuring more or less strange places in Vienna.

# 7 - 'ToyToyToy_Stift'

# 6: 'Vorspiel' - Raga Capriccio - Courante

This time I started with an improvisation based on Stephen Montague's: Raga Capriccio for Toy Piano.

This fabulous composition is the second part, followed by I. K. Rockzaemon's arrangement of J.S. Bach's Courante from Cello Suite BWV 1007.

# 5 Meditation

# 4 Tramway study

# 3 Dual Remembering Belo Horizonte

# 2 Donauwellen

# 1 Konstrukt

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